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Christ in the Storm

We are in uncertain times! The world is in a panic and many are living in fear; fear of the unknown. As I assess all that is happening around us, it is quite evident that the entire world is faced with a situation of epic proportions. A situation that we have never experienced before in our lifetime. Scientist are confused, politicians are without answers, medical workers are stressed, church doors are closed, businesses are closing their doors permanently, people are loosing their jobs, the world's economy is at a halt, and thousands of people are dying around the world. We are indeed in a storm!

Life is a journey and with that journey, sometimes unexplainable storms happen. Storms that suction the life out of us. St. Mark 4:35-41, talks about that kind of storm. It was a storm the disciples faced on the Sea of Galilee. What's interesting is, it wasn't just any storm but rather a WINDSTORM. In their passage to the other side, they were confronted by a windstorm with Jesus on the boat asleep. What do you do when your only reliable source appears to be not bothered by what challenges you? What do you do when you are faced with a storm and a sleeping Savior?

A few things I would like to point out in this story: 1.) Jesus made a promise to His disciples. In Vs. 35, He said, "Let us cross over to the other side." He didn't say, "Let us perish in the middle." 2.) In Vs. 36, they took Jesus with them. 3.) In Vs. 37, the storm was a WINDSTORM. 4.) In Vs. 38, Jesus was asleep while the disciples were in a panic. 5.) In Vs. 39, Jesus arose, after the disciples had awaken Him, and used His words to rebuked the WIND. 6.) In Vs. 40, Jesus challenges their faith. 7.) In Vs. 41, their fear turned into fear.

My resolve: when Christ has made you a promise, HOLD ON TO THE PROMISE. Yes, I know things are uncertain and the end does not appear to be approaching but if you keep pressing, the storm will soon be in your rear view mirror. God has made you a promise, and not even the storms of life can alter it. Even if the intent of the WINDSTORM was to destroy them, Jesus was on board, and although He was asleep, His promises forever remains, yes and amen. His word promises life more abundantly! It is further my resolve that Christ has given us the same authority to rebuked the storms that confront us. Jesus used His words to rebuke a WINDSTORM. He used wind to rebuke wind!

Wind is what helps you to project sound in speech, it carries your words. Wind helps you to formulate words; you cannot speak without wind. Use your words to create what you desire to see before you. Jesus spoke peace by faith because peace was in Him. I encourage you to turn your fear into faith by feeding your spirit the Word of God and begin speaking that same word over your life. Negative words create storms but positive affirmations by faith, silences those storms. Words have life, presence, and power! Finally, it is my resolve when we properly utilize the Word of God to create what we desire to see before us, we will marvel at the handy work of Christ. Our fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) will become reverential fear (Respect) for the God of peace that resides within.

I encourage you to take your eyes off of COVID-19 and put them of Christ. We will make it through this. We mourn our losses but we will never loose trust in the Christ in the Storm! On Christ the solid rock I stand all other grounds are sinking sand! +CAR